A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

NipNip is a platformer following a turnip on its quest to save the world from another evil turnip's dark powers. Gameplay is basic and is meant to just be a relaxing trip through fun graphics accompanied by a unique storyline.

This is just a small demo containing the first level and a limited area of the overworld map. I'm posting this hoping to get feedback on how the gameplay feels as well as any other things that may need polishing before I progress onto creating levels, new maps, etc.

You can follow progress here:

Twitter // tumblr

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Published 166 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorMax Cordeiro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


nipnip_dd13_macOS.zip (22 MB)
nipnip_dd13_windows_x64.zip (20 MB)
nipnip_dd13_windows_x86.zip (18 MB)


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Wow, very cute and adorable. I like the artstyle and the movement feels nice. Was it a conscious choice to make the platformer stages' background simpler than the overworld? I didn't even notice until seeing your screenshots :P

Will you add a lifebar/allow more hits in later versions? While I love the look of shock the turnip gets when getting hit, I imagine it might be tough to add challenges and keep the game relaxing while only giving us one hit. Oh and I do have to mention that it's rather interesting that to go to a forest stage, you enter a house, but who knows, perhaps that's just how turnips roll.

As for the overworld, will there be some gameplay mechanics added there? Doesn't need to be action, but rather things like solving minor puzzles to continue or farming(this one sorta seems like something you're going for?)

Oh and one bug you might want to look into is that I kept getting fullscreen, despite picking Windowed mode. The resolution did go through, though.

Looking forward to see more of this one :)

Hi! When full version could be expected? :)

No set date yet unfortunately but you can follow me on Twitter or tumblr (links to both in the game's description) to stay up to date.

I've been looking forward to this!

This game is really cute, simple, and fun. The platforming controls feel clean & solid. It would be nice to have some sort of indicator of what the controls are though, including what button is jump & the fact that you can double jump. Also the game lacks a pause screen but I'm sure that will be added in soon.

I really like the pixel visual style, it's easy on the eyes with bright colors that pop. I think it will be even more fun with different kinds of enemies and platforms. One thing that it could use is platforms that are passable from underneath. It would be cool if there were bouncy platforms, destructible platforms and even a wall jump or a hover jump for NipNip (maybe through twirling his leaves like a helicopter?). I'm not really sure what all of the indicators and collectibles mean, but the cherry was really cute. I was expecting him to say something when I picked him up.

I love the idea of a top-down overworld map, though I hope NipNip gets a set of walking sprites soon! The look of the buildings is really cute though. It would be nice if that area was filled with other NPCs that you could interact with.

Nice work! Excited for more :)

Thank you for the feedback! I agree on the buttons. There definitely should be a control screen. Maybe before you get transitioned into the game when you select New/Load.

Funny you should mention the helicopter bit. If you press 'Z' (you can remap the key when you open the launcher) he actually does have a glide feature where his leaves spin like a helicopter haha.

Still a long way to go so these pointers will really help me out. Thanks a bunch for playing. <3